Instant Rent Surveys & Market Rent

Spend less time researching and more time selling

Automated Analysis

Provide clients with 
real-time market intelligence, saving hours on data collection and manual analysis.

Enhanced Prospecting

Expand your network by identifying off-market opportunities through direct visibility into every market.

Detailed Valuations

Accurately forecast property values, utilizing objective market and property data for revenue and expense predictions.


Rent Surveys On-Demand

Enodo automatically identifies the most similar properties for any subject, calculating the percent similarity of building characteristics, unit mixes, rent potential, and expenses.

Accurately determine market rent for your subject by selecting the most statistically similar properties and comparing their performance to your subject.   

Pro Formas That Stand Up To Investors

Utilize your own virtual sandbox within the Enodo platform to construct stabilization efforts or value-add strategies for any subject. By having a 360-degree view of a property’s potential you are able to provide guidance that investors can act on.



Enhanced Prospecting

Access direct visibility into every property and every market. Expanding your network and sourcing new deals has never been easier. View and export detailed property information, ownership contact, tax and debt balances.

Understand What Drives Real Estate Value

Learn how CRE Professionals are taking advantage of actionable insights from Enodo.