Underwriting For Any Multifamily Property

Parse and analyze rent rolls and T-12s, study historical rent trends, generate rent surveys, compare expense benchmarks, and determine investment performance.

Automatically Identify the Best Rent Comps

Suggested Properties

Use proprietary machine learning technology to automatically identify the 40 most similar properties for any subject.

Filter Property Criteria

Select from over 50 property, market, and unit dimensions to identify the properties that are most similar to your subject or meet your search criteria.

Similiarity Score

Measure the competitiveness of a property across five distinct criteria: Location, Year Built, Number of Units, Unit Types, and Amenities.

Track Rent & Lease Turnover

Quickly upload, parse and analyze PDF and Excel rent rolls from Yardi, RealPage (OneSite), MRI, Rent Manager, AMSI (eSite), ResMan, Entrata and many other custom formats.

- Understand risk & exposure on lease turnover
- Instantly analyze market & in-place rent trends
- See how concessions & charge codes impact revenue

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Dynamic Chart of Accounts

Create your own custom chart of accounts or use standard income and expense categories for any operating statement.

- Quickly convert PDF T-12s to Eexcel
- Map expenses to your custom chart of accounts
- Analyze income & expense trends

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Full-Service Platform

The multifamily industry's most advanced automated underwriting platform.

Historical Rent & Concession Data

Analyze and download unit level rent, availability, and concessions data. Easily track competing properties and compare your property’s performance to the market.

Pre-Populated Excel Model

Export property information from Enodo into your Excel model. Calculated fields allow for information to be manipulated in Excel to meet your investment criteria.

Amenity Premium & Market Frequency

Outline the scope and return on investment for any value-add opportunity or ground-up development, prior to deploying capital.

Personalized Support & Onboarding

Our customer support and services teams are here to answer your questions, help you master multifamily underwriting, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your tools.

Where Real Estate Meets Machine Learning

Unlock the value of your data and increase property performance with Enodo.