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- Understand Risk & Exposure on Lease Turnover

- Instantly Analyze Market & In-Place Rent Trends

- See How Concessions & Charge Codes Impact Revenue

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Quick and Easy to Use

Enodo automates the extraction, standardization and analysis of data from multifamily rent rolls and operating statements to deliver valuable insight and formatted data in seconds. Our free Rent Roll Analyzer allows users to quickly upload, parse and analyze PDF and Excel rent rolls from Yardi, RealPage (OneSite), MRI, Rent Manager, AMSI (eSite), ResMan, Entrata and many other custom formats.

With Enodo, you can transform your PDF or Excel rent roll reports into time-series graphs and downloadable Excel tables in seconds!

Extract Lease Data


Upload PDF and Excel documents from many different templates and convert to standardized outputs.

Analyze Rent Trends


Quickly analyze lease turnover, vacancy and rent trends across all apartment units and floor plans.

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Download charts, graphs and rent roll data straight into excel for analysis.


In-Depth Insight

What will your exposure look like when those leases expire?

Make sure you understand what income will look like when current leases expire. Enodo visualizes lease expirations by number and total dollar amount so you can quantify your risk.

Which floor plans are consistently struggling?

It's important to understand which unit types are underperforming. Enodo helps you quickly see vacancy rates and rents by floor plan so you can craft your investment strategy with confidence.

What will happen when those concessions end?

Knowing what concessions and charge codes look like is key to understanding future revenue. Enodo instantly parses this data and displays it in a concise, exportable table for your analysis.

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