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Filter Property Criteria to Find the Best Comparables

Select from over 50 property, market, and unit dimensions to identify the properties that are most similar to your subject or meet your search criteria.

Polygon Mapping

Define your own market area using the map or use Smart Clusters to identify similar neighborhoods.

Suggested Comps

Use proprietary machine learning technology to automatically identify the 40 most similar properties.


Objective Similarity

Use Similarity Score to measure the true competitiveness of a property across five distinct criteria: Location, Year Built, Number of Units, Unit Types, and Amenities.

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Extract Powerful Insights

Instantly compare properties across rent, unit type, and amenities to gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape.

Identify Rent Trends

View the distribution of rent across all unit types and compare to RPSF.

Amenity Detection

Compare the frequency of amenities within a comp set or to a market.

Detect Outliers

Identify units or rents that do not align with your comp set.


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