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Underwrite Multifamily Assets in Minutes

Apply machine learning to instantly and accurately analyze multifamily investment performance.

Standardized Analysis

Utilize a consistent and uniform process to determine market value and run value-add pro formas.

Dynamic Properties

Accelerate your initial investment analysis and power more accurate desktop underwriting.

Accurate Forecasts

Apply dynamic demographic and economic projections to automatically identify trends in your market.

Fast, Accurate and Consistent Results

Our simple, intuitive interface lets you simply upload property documents, confirm building information, and instantly calculate rent, stabilized occupancy, and NOI for any property, in any market.


Underwrite Entire Loan Portfolios Instantly

If you need to underwrite hundreds of properties at a time, our API services can help you quickly underwrite entire multifamily portfolios. Your staff availability shouldn't prevent you from getting a deal done - with Enodo you can underwrite large portfolios with speed and confidence.

Instant Market Analysis

Enodo lets you quickly compare subject properties to similar assets in any market and track real-time performance. Our rent roll and T-12 parsing algorithms help you accurately and consistently upload and analyze documents - facilitating apples-to-apples comparisons across assets.


Nothing Is More Expensive Than Missed Opportunities

Learn how CRE professionals take advantage of actionable insights with Enodo.