Automated Multifamily Analysis

Quickly analyze a property and understand what factors impact rent, operating cost, and market value.

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Simplified Property Analysis

Parse and analyze rent rolls and T-12s, study historical rent trends, generate rent surveys, compare expense benchmarks, and determine investment performance.


Historic Rent Trends

Analyze and download unit level rent, availability, and concessions data. Easily track competing properties and compare your property’s performance to the market.

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Community & In-Unit Amenity Analysis

Outline the scope and return on investment for any value-add opportunity or ground-up development, prior to deploying capital.

Automated Rent Surveys

Utilize real-time rent surveys to determine market rent for any property by selecting statistically similar properties and comparing their performance to the subject property.


Dynamic Operating Benchmarks

Quickly analyze and compare operating expense line items to market benchmarks, and size up opportunities to reduce costs and improve performance.

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Automated Valuation Model

The multifamily industry's first Automated Valuation Model, forecasting market value and quantifying the individual drivers of commercial real estate value.

Learn how CRE professionals take advantage of actionable insights using Enodo.