Decision Making Rooted in Machine Learning

Accounts for every factor that influences multifamily asset value.


Automated Data Pipeline

Enodo aggregates, organizes and cleans detailed property data from multifamily assets across the country. Property data is validated using Natural Language Processing to ensure information is accurate and reliable.

Integrations with industry leading Property Management Softwares and public sources including government APIs, Google Maps, Google Places and ESRI Tapestry Segmentation provide layers of contextual information to support your analysis.

Dynamic Market Clustering

Detailed supply-side property data is geographically joined with demand-side demographic data at the census tract level. Enodo employs proprietary clustering methods to identify and combine similar census tracts to create responsive market areas.   

Leveraging programmatically delineated markets, CRE professionals can quickly assess any market and extract new insights previously left to speculation.


Live Machine Learning

Enodo train its machine learning model in real-time utilizing proprietary outlier detection and removal to ensure only the most accurate data is incorporated into the platform.


Modern Systems Architecture

The Enodo platform is comprised of a series of APIs which function completely independently of the user interface.

This dynamic architecture allows institutional lenders and large portfolio operators to quickly query data for bulk calculations and portfolio underwriting.


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