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Your Automated Feasibility Analyst

Analyze 3,621 unique property variables for every opportunity.

Generate Feasibility Studies

Virtually test development scenarios and maximize returns.

Calculate Amenity Premiums

Select the best possible amenity packages to increase rents and attract tenants.

Monitor Competition

Study competing properties and instantly generate rent surveys.


Ground Up Financial Modeling

Enodo provides instant rent surveys and automatically calculates optimal market rent for your subject. With the most comprehensive database of multifamily properties, Enodo is the single source for property and market information.

Unlimited Feasibility Studies

Seamlessly combine demographic, economic, and property data to gain actionable insights.


Interactive Amenity Packages

Utilize your own virtual sandbox to construct stabilization efforts or value-add strategies. By having a 360-degree view of a property’s potential you are able to provide guidance that investors can rely on.


Nothing Is More Expensive Than Missed Opportunities

Learn how CRE professionals take advantage of actionable insights with Enodo.