Research, Analysis, Forecasting: Automated

Maximize property value & investor returns

Effective Allocations

Identify re-investment opportunities, calculate payback periods, then strategically deploy across your portfolio.

Enhanced Reporting

Outperform competition with complete property and market insights delivered to you and your managers.

Accurate Forecasts

Apply dynamic demographic and economic projections to automatically identify trends in your market.


Real-Time Amenity Analysis

Automated value analysis of Neighborhood, Building, and Unit level amenities enables you to stay ahead of trends and capture maximum returns from your assets. With real-time monitoring of amenities, your premiums stay in tune with what tenants value.

Simplified Portfolio Audits

Enodo provides direct comparisons of your properties to the market, detailing real-time performance. Stand confident in your market strategy or quickly adapt to changing environments with complete property and market insights. 


Accurate Forecasting

Enhanced demographic and economic projections directly impacting your assets ability to meet objectives, delivered automatically. Set your quarterly goals based on real-time market conditions.

Understand What Drives Real Estate Value

Learn how CRE Professionals take advantage of actionable insights from Enodo.