Data Services

Customize Enodo to work exactly as you want it with flexible APIs, webhooks and tools.

Access Everything

Detect the presence and impact of amenities, calculate the price of individual units, and return a list of similar properties.

Built to Scale

Create your own data workflows to fit your needs. Pay per API calls means you only pay for what you use.

Initialize Portfolio

Collect data on multiple properties at once to reduce manual data entry and eliminate out dated information.

Data Extraction & Reports

Partner with Enodo to distill the data that matters to your business. Leverage Enodo’s data pipeline, dynamic market clustering, and live machine learning to maximize business impact and accelerate research capabilities.


Enodo API

The Enodo platform is comprised of a series of APIs which function completely independently of the user interface.

This dynamic architecture allows institutional lenders and large portfolio operators to quickly query data for bulk calculations and portfolio underwriting.



Custom Solutions

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